Leap and Learn Yoga for Children

Improve Motor Skills and Self-Expression with Yoga for Children

Inspire your little ones to move and learn with our fun guides to Yoga for children. At Leap and Learn we have weekly Yoga classes for all our children and we’re now giving you all the information that you need to carry on at home.

Spark your childrens imaginations and get them into action. Children need exercise, and with our easy to follow guides, you can all enjoy the experience together.

Benefits of yoga for children:

Increases strength and flexibility

Helps them relax, unwind, and calm down to reduce stress and anxiety

Helps them sleep better

Promotes interaction between adult and child, and between multiple children

Improves their fine and gross motor skills, as well as their co-ordination

Develops self-confidence, self-expression, and body awareness

Promotes a healthy, active lifestyle

Just click on the links below and start your Yoga journey today:

Bedtime Yoga

Child Friendly Chair poses

Managing Emotions With Yoga

Yoga Poses For Children