Leading nursery in Cambridge

Speech and Language therapist

Families know exactly what is happening and therefore don’t need to repeat themselves to a range of professionals. The child benefits from specific targets to support their speech, language and communication needs.

With the leap and learn team I have always found that any recommendations I make have been carried out and documented as appropriate. Evidence to support this comes from seeing that the child has made progress and responded to the suggested advice.

My experience with the leap and learn team is always positive and I believe that they communicate well and have a very friendly approach.

Reception class teacher / SENCo

We have worked extensively together on the induction to school process information/assessment sharing. Also to liaise regarding issues or concerns regarding children/families in our care.

I believe we have a strong, professional relationship which enables us to share in the all-around care of the children. Information sharing, both formal and informal, has proven invaluable.

I have always found the Leap and Learn staff to be professional and integrally focused on the child and their individual needs. All staff are always willing to help and act with extreme professional care.

The team are brilliant when caring for the children as individuals; taking note and acting on their next steps in addition to understanding their personal needs. They care about supporting the families and identifying SEND issues.

Keep doing what you’re doing! I value the leap and learn team and the way they support the children!

Family worker

There is an exceptional relationship between the staff at leap and learn and the staff at the children’s centre, this has enabled us to support the families and their children. Specifically via the CAF, Early support and Funded 2s process.

Leap and learn are brilliant at providing support for the families as a whole and not just the children. We really value working with leap and learn. Its provision for all families, but especially those with Special Educational Needs is outstanding!

Early year’s specialist support teacher

Over the past 2 academic years I have worked with 3 children at Leap and Learn. The leap and learn staff have provided high –level, consistent support to the children on the Early Support pathway and their families. They communicate effectively with parents who benefit from a clear understanding of the pathways and processes (including statutory assessment) they are undertaking. Staff have also undertaken a bespoke programme of teaching in delivering a language group model to a select group of children.

I have worked with families who have chosen to place their child (with high level needs) at Leap and Learn following visits to several other pre-schools. They felt that the staff attitudes were positive and they had a “Let’s remove the barriers” pragmatic approach to meeting their child’s needs.

Leap and Learn have an inclusive ethos, allowing all children and families to feel welcomed and valued as part of their community.