For a fun family craft activity, paper mache is one of the simplest things you can do but the results can often be spectacular.

In this tutorial we will be making a paper mache bunny but the list of things you can make is endless so once you’ve learnt the technique the limits are your imagination.

Paper mache is also a great method to make piñatas, boxes, masks, and other toys. To use it as a piñata, add sweets inside the balloon before blowing it up. Then, break the balloon with a pin once the paper mache is dried.

Making Paper Mache

Materials to Paper Mache:


Newspaper strips

Construction paper

Wiggly eyes

Black and white felt

Yellow and white fuzzy sticks



Heating Pan

Safety scissors


How to make the paper mache:

Place 1 1/2 cups of flour in a pan.

Add 1 cup of water. If necessary, add 2-3 tbsp. of water.

Heat the mixture until most of the clumps are dissolved.

Cool the mixture in a separate container.

paper cache craft

How to make the paper mache bunny:

Cut small strips of newspaper and set aside.

Blow up a balloon.

Start to dip the strips of newspapers into the mixture.

Add to the balloon. After all the strips are done, set aside.

Paint the dried paper mache balloon with yellow paint.

Add wiggly eyes. Use felt to make the nose. Paste with glue.

Twist the fuzzy sticks to make the whiskers. Paste with glue.

Use construction paper to make bunny ears. Paste by folding the bottom of the paper.

Display your bunny paper mache as it is or use it as a piñata.

Kids Paper Mache