Childcare in Cambridge Nursery

Leap and Learn values the importance of secure Key Person practices in supporting each child’s emotional wellbeing and the value of strong key person and parent partnerships in meeting the needs of young children.

The Key Person is responsible for:

    • Introducing themselves to the child’s parents and building a positive relationship with both the child and the parents on the child’s first day.
    • Supporting children and families with the initial settling in phase and completing relevant documentation with the parents and keeping these records up to date.
    • Where possible, carrying out as much of the child’s care needs as possible and ensuring that in the Key Person’s absence up to date care needs and plans are shared with the child’s Buddy Key Person.
    • Being alert to any indicators of possible issues for concern in the child’s life at home or elsewhere and to report these concerns as soon as they arise.
    • Completing the Progress Check at Two for any child who is between the ages of two and three years.
    • Valuing diversity by ensuring that the cultural/religious festivals that the children celebrate at home are recognised and that they provide opportunities for children to develop and use their home language in their play and learning.
    • Ensuring that the child’s coat peg, personal basket/box, place mat, learning story are all personalised with photo and name before the child starts. This includes transition from room to room.
    • Ensuring that regular observations of the child’s learning and development are recorded and that the child’s Learning Story is up to date. The Key Person meets with the parent/s regularly to discuss progress, celebrate learning and to support the child’s development at home to compliment the learning and development provided in the nursery.
  • Ensuring that the individual needs of each of their key children are met and where children are disabled or have special educational needs that they are included and supported and where necessary reasonable adjustments to the programme and environment will be made.

Leap and Learn Key Person System

The Manager is responsible for:

    • Ensuring that parents are informed, before their child starts their first full day, of their child’s Key Person and Buddy Key Person. This should be documented in the child’s Learning story before they start.
    • Ensuring that the team know when a child is starting and to support the settling in plan.
  • Ensuring that each Key Person understands and meets their responsibilities.

Cambridge Day Nursery Key Person