Leap and Learn Education

We are delighted to announce that we will soon be introducing 15 Educational Learning Programmes for the children at our nursery. These programmes are designed to complement and enhance the already exceptional day-to-day learning that happens in our children’s rooms.

Each programme has been developed to give the children in our care the best possible start in life to their educational development.

We have specialist programmes for babies, toddlers and pre-school children.

The programmes will take place every week and are included in the cost of a nursery place.

Our Educational Learning Programmes are:

Baby learning classes

Babies Programmes 

Babbling Babies

The programme is layered with fun and exciting activities that match the babies’ abilities as they grow and develop.

The activities focus on the 5 important elements of language and communication development: playing and interacting, learning to listen, learning and understanding new words, expressing myself, and exploring and developing.

Arty Babies

A fabulous package of exciting activities to allow the babies to explore their burgeoning artistic abilities. Each week the babies learn by exploring different textures, materials and artistic methods. Getting wholeheartedly involved is guaranteed, as is having fun and learning through discovery.

Super Sensory

Babies learn through exploring their senses. Our ‘Super Sensory’ programme provides a range of activities that introduce the children to a wide range of materials, textures, colours and sounds. These opportunities for children will allow them to develop their attention and concentration, along with practicing and refining their fine motor control and hand/eye coordination.

Toddler learning

Toddler Programmes

Talking Toddlers

‘Talking Toddlers’ provides an opportunity for the children to continue to develop their language and conversational skills through a programme developed by our specialist staff. The activities focus on attention and listening, understanding what is said, learning and using new words, building sentences, and talking socially.

I Move, You Move, We All Move Together

Our active toddlers have high amounts of energy. To embrace the vigour of our children our ‘I Move, You Move, We All Move Together’ programme allows them to participate in games and activities that encompass the children’s natural ability to express themselves as well as develop important gross motor skills, such as balance, co-ordination and control.

Arty Toddler

As the children grow and develop, so do their creative skills. ‘Arty Toddlers’ has been designed to give children creative confidence, experimentation skills that boost their ability to analyse, and problem-solving skills in a myriad of ways. Through creativity, children not only develop mentally, socially and emotionally, but they also build the foundations of their mathematical skills.

Fingers and Thumbs

In order to learn the skills needed to hold a pencil and write, children need to develop their fine motor skills.

‘Fingers and Thumbs’ is designed to do just that.

Each activity enhances a different set of skills that are essential to the future of writing, reading and many other key areas in education and life. Our programme focuses on developing our toddler’s muscle control, co-ordination and dexterity.

Leap and Learn Outstanding nursery

Pre-School Programmes

Letters and Sounds

This programme supports children to link sounds and letters in the order in which they occur in words. This also develops children’s communication skills in naming and sounding the letters of the alphabet. The fun activities promote a language enriched provision that serves the best interests of the children by fully recognising their propensity for play and its importance in their development.

Jolly Phonics

‘Jolly Phonics’ is the most popular phonics programme in UK schools. We aim to give the children a great foundation to support them in learning the different letter sounds. There are fun songs to sing, actions to learn and other activities that link in phonetically with the sound of the week.

A Fun Equation

‘A Fun Equation’ has been designed and created by to support our children develop their initial building blocks for mathematical thinking, reasoning and problem solving. We know how crucial these building blocks are to children’s later success in mathematics. The programme explores rich context for mathematical ideas, skills and concepts.

Let’s Get Physical

Our ‘Let’s Get Physical’ programme provides fun and active sports session for our Pre-school children. The programme specifically focuses on a variety of energising group games and activities that challenge our children to develop the skills in team-work, problem solving, and gross motor ability.

Creative Rockets

‘Creative Rockets’ is a dramatic and creative programme designed to build expression and creativity, allowing the children to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials. The programme also provides opportunities and encouragement for the children to share their thoughts, ideas, and feelings through a variety of activities in art, music, movement, dance, role-play, design, and technology.

The Kitchen Garden Project

Learning to cook healthy food is one of the most important skills the children will learn. Our programme of 20 cooking activities provides a culinary experience for the children to really develop their skills and cooking knowledge. Food and eating can provide wonderful opportunities for learning, such as healthy eating and nutritional needs while also increasing knowledge about different cultures.

Science Matters

Exciting experiements and fantastic discoveries await the children in our Science Matters programme. Fully geared up with lab coats and safety goggles, the programme is aimed to stimulate an early fascination in all things scientific.

Getting Ready for School

We want to give children the best possible start when transitioning to school, so to ensure that this is a positive experience we have created a specially designed programme to support our children as they prepare for school. Within this programme we have introduced informative parent workshops, invited school teachers to visit the nursery, provided information about local school and implemented specific school based tasks into the nursery routine to help prepare them for their transition.