Leap and Learn Nursery and Day Care

7.30 – 8.30am

Children arrive and are offered breakfast.

Breakfast will consist of cereals/ toast and fruit.

Children will be encouraged to use a ‘free flow’ play approach throughout the day. They can choose what and how they will play with resources (both indoors and outside). Staff are on hand to scaffold children’s play and encourage their learning and development.

Water coolers are available all day, from which children can help themselves to drinks.


Morning snack will be served.

This will consist of a selection of fruit pieces and breadsticks, raisins, milk and water.

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11.30 – 12 noon

Children will be encouraged to join together for a group activity e.g. story time, puppets, singing.

Two of the older children will be encouraged to help staff lay the tables for lunch.

Some of the children will go home before lunch is served.

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12 – 12.30pm

A hot lunch is served to those children who stay. Our lunches are freshly prepared in the primary school kitchens each day.

The weekly menu will be available on the noticeboard in the cloakroom and on the website.

12.30 – 1pm

Our afternoon children will arrive. Children who are staying all day will be encouraged to have a short time of quiet and rest. Groups of our older children will gather together for circle time activities. Free flow play activities will continue into the afternoon.

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Afternoon snacks will be served.

3.30pm onwards

Some of the children will go home.

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Tea will be served. This will be a light meal e.g. sandwiches.



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