We are different and you’ll love the reasons why.

Providing a complete solution to your childcare requirements, Leap and Learn is dedicated to fulfilling all of your families needs.

Based in Bar Hill, Cambridge for over 20 years, we offer unrivalled childcare and work everyday to ensure that we are second to none.

Day Nursery Care in Bar Hill, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

We simply wanted our children to have the best possible start they could in life.

20 years ago that aim led us to open Little Acorns and I am now so very proud that we have taken the next step and become Leap and Learn.

Providing innovative and exciting childcare in an environment that is designed to offer opportunities to develop, play and learn, we believe we are ideally placed to become one of the leading names in the industry.

Our staff love the job they do, display passion and enthusiasm and above all else have an absolute commitment to our children.

We are different and it is that difference that stands us out from the crowd. As a parent you can know that when you leave your child in our care they will be happy, nurtured and their individuality will be encouraged and respected”

Sally Gedny, Co-Founder and Managing Director  

Educational Learning Programmes

Storytime at Bar Hill

We provide a complete range of childcare solutions in Cambridge which include:

Nursery and Pre-School Care from 4 Months to 5 Years

School Breakfast, Lunchtime and After School Care

Holiday Care Academies

Babysitting Service

The Leap and Learn Membership Card 

Nursery for babies in Bar Hill, Cambs

We know that safety is the most important thing to you and so it is our number one priority. We ensure that we provide an environment that is safe, secure and exceeds all legal Health and Safety requirements. Fully qualified First Aiders are always on site and all our staff are highly trained in child protection. We also regularly carry out health and safety checks and emergency and fire drills.

30 Hours free childcare Cambridge

Nursery and Pre-School in Bar Hill

We work hand in hand with Bar Hill Primary School, managing their out of hours childcare and are very proud of the exceptional relationships we have with many of Cambridgeshire’s schools.

Our premises are designed specifically to meet your children’s needs, with bright, spacious and colourful rooms, modern equipment, toys that your children will love and exciting outdoor spaces.

We have a child centred philosophy that encourages self-confidence, creativity and individuality whilst offering unrivalled standards in nursery care.

Nursery Spaces in Bar Hill, Cambridgeshire

“For me Leap and Learn has to be the best. The best nursery, the best breakfast club, the best afterschool club and the best holiday care available.

As a father I demand the best childcare for my son and so for me it is of paramount importance that this is what we provide to our families.

Along with Sally I am very proud of the way our staff have risen to the challenge of providing a service that is second to none.

Our children deserve the best care and education available and we are determined to provide it.”

Mark Gatland, Co-Founder and CEO

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